About Us

Welcome to Kirdax Games!

Kirdax Games first opened on January 13, 2014. Since its launch this site is growing daily with people coming from all around the world to play the best fun free and exciting games!

Kirdax Games is Independently Owned

Kirdax.com is an independent online arcade owned by a single person! I started this site to share my interest of playing games with others. I grew up playing as many games as i could find, and loved spending countless hours in actual arcades! I’ve been playing flash games for many years, and have seen many flash game sites start  and disappear. Many of the big flash gaming sites are created by huge corporations, with only wanting to make money. I feel that these gaming sites have lost the sense of fun. My ultimate goal with this site is to give you many fun, and handpicked quality classic and new games as possible.  I feel that quality games over quantity of games is most import!