Just .19% buy more that 50% of games revenue

Just .19% buy more that 50% of games revenue

Blog 25 Jan , 2018 0

Free Mobile games development is a minefield. Aside from discover ability problems in both App Store as well as Google Play, there is the important case of how you can profit from that app. In an era when the hope of free app downloads all but rules out marketing your game, Fun free online games with micro transactions are frequently viewed as the solution.

There is an issue though. A brand new report concludes that 47% of all the free mobile games spending is made by a minuscule 0.19% of players. These figures are available from mobile advertisers. They additionally discovered that people who do spend cash on fun free online games just do it rarely! 64% of players, just once per month, with 6.5% producing 5 or even more in game purchases.

This suggests the whole cool games market is kept afloat by hardcore, arguably addicted players which direct substantial sums of the cash into free mobile games. Even scarier, the point that nearly half the entire business is supported by these overly dedicated players. The figures have hardly changed from 2 years ago, when it was 0.15% accounting for a complete 50% of earnings. This represents an improvement over prior reports showing as many as 60% of revenue attributable to the leading 10% of spenders, it confirms once again the importance to completely focus mobile game marketing techniques on VIP players.

There’s good news though! The average spend per player is as much as $24.33, from twenty two dollars in 2015, and the usual paying player makes 1.8% purchases, averaging $13.82 per order, that is a brand new high. Reinforcing just how much cash earned depends on a just a few of their customers. I discovered that just 2.5% of all purchases are more than fifty dollars in worth, and these purchases add more than 17% of all the mobile game revenue. In order to achieve the findings, more than forty FTP through February 2017, and also observed the spending behavior of over twenty million players. The figures might be a sobering reminder for developers thinking about a FTP future for fun free online games!


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